Diet Can Help You Stay Healthy and Fit

Try to eat food that have low-calorie content subject matter, however full of energy. For just about any to ensure you would have a healthful bodyweight variety. Diet is a valuable element to help your system stay have compatibility and in addition healthy.

That means you will want to take in food the usage of proper in addition to organic diet plan along with. Therefore you may want to steer clear of refined meals and the ones which contain unsafe vitality a bit like sweet meals. Take in a lot more vegetables, wholemeal items, as well as obviously healthy goods. Just be doubtless you happen to be acquiring enough health proteins besides sugars. It is usually essential that you bought sufficient numbers of very good excess fat. This type of healthful sort of body fat is extremely seen in nut products, coconut oil, avocados, along with seafoods. It’s worthwhile to likewise incorporate the next dishes in what you eat: meat, dairy, green beans, eco-friendly leafy veggies, taters, coffee beans, brans, lead pages, and likewise fruits.

Eat dishes that have low-calorie written content, yet full of energy. For just about any to successfully be able to have a healthy fat assortment. Meals are a useful element in assisting your body stay have compatibility besides balanced. That means that you are going to would like to eat food with appropriate along with all-natural diet regime along with. Therefore you could steer clear of highly processed food and folks that incorporate dangerous power like sweet dishes. Take in additional produce, wholegrain products, in addition to naturally healthy products. Just make sure that you may be acquiring ample protein as well as carbs. It’s also essential that you simply in finding ample numbers of just right excess fat. Such healthful sort of excess fat is intensely seen in insane, essential olive oil, avocados, as well as seafoods. You can have to likewise incorporate the subsequent meals in what you eat: beef, milk products, oatmeal, eco-friendly environmentally friendly greens, apples, espresso beans, brans, lead pages, and plenty of fruits.

Take in food that could have low-calorie content, but lively. For pretty much any to be certain that you might easily keep a healthy bodyweight variety. Dishes are a terribly important component in aiding your body stay in shape in addition to balanced. Which implies that you will want to consume food the use of proper and natural diet plan and likewise. So that you need to stay away from highly processed dishes and individuals that contain unsafe vitality similar to sugary meals. Take in more produce, whole fiber goods, in addition to generally wholesome products. Just be sure that you’re acquiring ample proteins and carbohydrates. It’s also vital that you got enough numbers of serious body fat. This type of healthy type of body fat is intensely present in nuts, coconut oil, avocados, and also seafoods. You may have to have the following meals in what you eat: beef, dairy food, green beans, eco-friendly leafy veggies, taters, beans, brans, lead pages, besides many fruits.

Are trying to eat dishes that can have low-calorie content subject matter, but lively. This will be relevant to successfully manage to keep a balanced bodyweight assortment. Weight loss program is a very important component in aiding the body stay healthy and in addition wholesome. Which suggests that you’ll want to eat food besides suitable besides all-natural diet plan and. And you furthermore might ought to influence clear of refined food and individuals who contain unsafe energy such as fizzy dishes. Consume much more greens, whole fiber things, as well as other effortlessly balanced things. Just ensure that you might be receiving adequate necessary protein along with sugars. It is always essential that you just to find ok degrees of significant unwanted fat. This kind of healthy sort of unwanted fat is intensely inside nut products, essential olive oil, avocados, and in addition seafoods. It’s worthwhile to have the subsequent foods on your each day diet: beef, milk products, green beans, eco-friendly environmentally friendly vegetables, carrots, beans, brans, melons, in addition to fresh fruits.

Clean Fresh Air Required? Air Purifiers Are Your Answer

If you are living in the city, chances are you will be tired of leaving the windows open to air out your home, trying out all sorts of plug-in flower-scented air fresheners out in the market or using aromatherapy to get better quality for you and your family. All these solutions are at best temporary or worst, they might even cause the air you breathe in to have unnecessary pollutants. Well, an air purifier may be your best answer to get clean fresh air.

Natural Air Purifiers

How natural can one get? Remember the days living in the country where you get fresh pristine air? Look around and you are likely to find what else but living plants!

The best natural way is to have living plants into your home! Plants are known to be capable of naturally removing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. They can also take benzene out of the air, which is found in oils, gasoline, rubber, and paints. All of these substances are known to be irritating odors.

Recommended common household plants known for being exceptionally good filters include Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy, and Mums.

Some people recommend burning candles, particularly beeswax candles, to work as a natural air purifier against odors. There are scented and unscented varieties, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Candles don’t really address the cause of the odor, they can temporarily clean a home or office by masking out the unwanted scent. If you really think that candle is a good solution for your home, try to use beeswax candles. They are the best and they usually burn longer, give out less smoke and are drip-less & soot free. These are available at most discount and interior decorating stores, as well as online.

Another popular way to get rid of odors is to use spray air fresheners. Try to use the types not only work against the odors but also acts as a disinfectant. These air fresheners do kill odor-causing viruses and bacteria, but they are only effective on the area where they are sprayed.

The UV Air Purifier

Although you have the natural air purifiers in place with the plants and candles, they might not be enough. In addition, candles can actually add more irritants to the air. If you really want to take clean the air in your apartment, you really need to invest in a good UV air purifier.

Other harder to get rid odors include those caused by bacteria. Examples of odor-causing bacteria can be found in diapers, bathrooms, and in your garbage. This type of odor are not easy to get rid of and certainly not by simply opening windows, burning some candles or growing flowers.

Bottomline is bacteria is the culprit, they caused these smells and hence you get rid of the smell, you have to get rid of the bacteria. Therefore, you will need an air purifier with a UV light. In fact, many hospitals now are using such UV air purifiersin their premises to get rid of pollutants, allergens, germs and viruses in the air.

Complexities of the technology aside, the ultra-violet light (UV) technology used in these air purifiers is actually quite easy to use. In fact, the only thing you need to be aware of is to put your UV air purifiers inside your air ducts where they can work their magic. This is because UV air purifiers require circulating air in order to bring the contaminates in the air close to the UV light in order to be zapped by the radiation.

There is another type of air purifiersystem which combines UV, HEPA and even ionizing filter together. Of course these systems do not come cheap but they work great and will help get rid of nasty odors, reduce allergens/germs and dust in the air. All in one!

Some Facts and Myths about Acne

Truth is acne is actually part of growing. The acne pimples are part of the skin forming like wounds and cysts that occur as part of the changes a kid experiences in the process of puberty. Teenagers would seek counsel from any of their peers or even their parents about these pimples or they may choose to deal with it ignorantly.

The following are the most common myths about acne that teenagers believe and the facts that oppose these ideas:

Washing the face for many times
Many believe that the more they wash their face the lesser pimples they get. This isnt proper, this is called over washing. In fact, complications may result from over doing the routine since it will irritate the skin due to the use of harsh soaps.

Acne occurs as a result of some foul changes such as dead skin cells inside the skin and doing something harsh on the surface of the skin wouldnt make a difference. It is good to wash the face regularly but it must be done gently using a cleanser or mild soap. The number of washes should not exceed to two times a day.

Popping the pimple/s
Some people just cant wait for their pimples to vanish so they choose to pop it out. By doing this, the skin becomes vulnerable of infection, scarring, and even more pimples due to the bacteria that gets into the skin while popping the acne pimples out.

Tanning for acne treatment
Sunlight kills skin bacteria but it doesnt mean that it is an alternative for treating acne pimples. In fact, if skin cells die out and result to dried skin then the skin produces more oil which is one of the factors that cause pimples.

Diet as one factor for getting acne
Chocolate, coffee, oil, and sugar among many foods people eat do not, in any way, cause acne. No type of diet can cure acne but healthy lifestyle can certainly avoid infections caused by pimples. Some foods were actually proven to exacerbate acne only in cases of allergy but never were it proven to be the main cause.

Long hair complicates acne
The cause of acne is bacteria and if the persons hair is long and is not cleansed properly then it will definitely complicate acne.

Girls are more susceptible to having acne than boys
Acne is commonly present among boys due to the male hormone called androgen which is dominant.
The most disturbing myth about acne is its being contagious. People dont have to fear friends who have acne because the bacteria that cause acne is basically contained by the skin and not in the surface.

Acne is disturbing for growing individuals but it would become less disturbing if kids and teenagers know the facts and not the side lies.

Why Are They Often Using & Buying Anabolic Steroids?

They are available in plurality in market, and those who are using & buying them are in multitude in the society. They are available as Anadrol, Anavar, Andriol, Arimidex, Clenbuterol, Clomid, Cytomel, Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol, Durabolin, Ephedrine, Equipoise, Femara, Halotestin, HCG, Human Growth Hormone, Lasix, Masteron, Nolvadex, Omnadren, Primobolan, Proviron, Sustanon, and many more.

Certainly, they are available in almost every letter of the English alphabet, from A to Z, and they are being used by every Tom, Dick, and Harry nowadays. They are often using and buying anabolic steroids, but why? They are buying anabolic steroids for a number of reasons. Certainly, an iota of them is buying anabolic steroids for genuine medical use. Steroids are medically used to treat the conditions resulting from deficiency of testosterone in body. These synthetic hormones are also effective against the chronic wasting diseases, such as AIDS and cancer. Steroids really help old people live healthy life in the later stage of their life.
Some of them are buying anabolic steroids because they want to increase their physical strength and endurance, and improve their physical performance. These are mostly jocks. Steroids really help bodybuilders to increase their body mass. However, such steroids use is actually steroid abuse. Such steroids use in associated with a number of side effects, which include giddiness, early hair loss, mood swings (anger, depression and aggression), delusion, feelings of fear and suspicion, sleeping problems, vomiting and nausea, trembling, joints pain, yellow fever, high blood pressure, problems in urinary system, heart problems, stroke, liver damage, and many others.

Steroids are legal in many, but illegal in many countries. Several steroids are declared illegal in United States, Canada, and many other countries. The legality for buying anabolic steroids varies from country to country. In United States, if you are buying anabolic steroids without doctors prescription, you are committing a federal crime. Again you are committing a federal crime, if you are distributing or possessing anabolic steroids in the United States without federal license.

Internet is the easiest and the most convenient way of buying anabolic steroids. You can find numerous sites that help people buying anabolic steroids online. It is easy buying anabolic steroids with as well as without medical prescription online. However, buying anabolic steroids without prescription is illegal act, so, you should avoid buying anabolic steroids illegally.

Get Your Canadian Diamonds Here Today

The last Northern gold rush occurred in the late-19th century in the Yukon when tens of thousands of prospectors made their way to Dawson City to find their fortunes. Since then, miners and oil workers have continued to seek wealth in the North. In the past decade, history has repeated itself with the discovery of diamonds in Canada’s North.

Diamond exploration in Canada began in the 1960s, but major discoveries of diamond-bearing kimberlite ore did not occur until the 1990s. With the discovery of diamonds in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in 1991, Canada has risen to become one of the top three diamond producers in the world in terms of value, behind Botswana and Russia. Currently, Canada produces 15% of the world’s diamonds. According to Statistics Canada, 13.8 million carats of diamonds worth approximately $2.8 billion have been mined in Canada between 1998 and 2002. To put it in perspective, each day Canada produces one 1.5 kilogram bag of diamonds worth $1.5 million. It is hoped that the diamond mines will provide income for decades to come.

In 1991, the first diamonds were found at Point Lake near Lac de Gras in the Northwest Territories, some 300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife. Soon after the initial find, two diamond mines were opened in this region, the Ekati and Diavik mines. Diavik is approximately 100 kilometres southeast of Ekati. A third diamond mine, Jericho-3, began production in 2005, in Nunavut. A fourth diamond mine, Snap Lake-4 in the Northwest Territories, should begin production in 2007.

The Jericho-3 mine is located near the north end of Contwoyto Lake in West Kitikmeot, Nunavut Territory (NT). It is operated by the Tahera Diamond Corporation, which has been exploring for diamonds in Nunavut for the past seven years. Operations will commence with an open pit mine, and despite the harsh climate, it is planned to operate year-round. It is currently projected that the mine and processing plant will have an 8-year life and employ a total of approximately 125 to 175 employees and contractors.

The majority of shares in the Ekati mine (80%) are owned by the Australian mining conglomerate BHP Billton. The remaining 20% are owned by prospectors Charles Fipke and Stewart Blusson. The Ekati Diamond Mine is the only diamond mine owned by BHP Billiton and produces nearly four per cent of current world diamond production by weight and six per cent by value. The mine is expected to be viable for 20 years.

The Diavik mine, located about 300 km (180 miles) north of Yellowknife, is owned by Britain’s Rio Tinto PLC (60 per cent) and Toronto-based Aber Diamond Corp. (40 per cent). It employs 700 workers and produces 8,000,000 carats annually for total sales of $100,000,000 Cdn. The area was first surveyed in 1992, construction began in 2001, and diamond production started in 2003. It provides approximately 5% of world diamond production. The mine is also expected to remain in operation for 20 years.

The Snap Lake mine, owned by DeBeers and operated by DeBeers and AMEC consultants, is starting this year and is expected to remain in production for 20 more years. This mine is located under a lake and will be the first entirely underground diamond mine in Canada. DeBeers also owns the Victor mine, an open-pit diamond mine in a remote area in the James Bay Lowlands of Northern Ontario, approximately 90 km west of the coastal community of Attawapiskat.

Canada’s diamond industry has a world reputation for both quality and integrity. In recent years, there have been ethical problems with African diamonds, which can originate in unstable countries such as Sierra Leone and Angola where diamond sales fund terrorism, war and weapons sales. Canadian diamonds are traceable, as each one is etched on the girdle with a serial number as well as a microscopic Canadian logo such as a maple leaf or a polar bear as a trademark. The pictorial logos vary with the companies selling the diamonds.

Canadian diamonds, especially those from the Ekati mine, are high quality and extremely white. They’re also fashionable, which was demonstrated when the Canadian teen singer Avril Lavigne attended the 2003 MTV Awards in New York wearing Canadian diamonds worth $50,000.

The mines provide high-income jobs with an average salary of $63,000, many of them permanent, not just the temporary make-work projects for which the Aboriginal communities of the Canadian north are well known. Almost 40% of the jobs are done by aboriginals. For instance, one diamond-cutting operation in the Northwest Territories is majority-owned by the Yellowknife Dene First Nation.

Some of the more specialized jobs, such as diamond cutting, are done by professionals from Armenia, Israel, China and Vietnam who earn salaries of more than $100,000. Many of the diamonds are cut and polished in facilities in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Matane, Quebec. Between 1998 and 2001, employment in the diamond mining industry in the North increased from 90 to 700 workers, with estimates of more than 2,000 jobs currently. Another 2,000 jobs are created in support industries for the mines and their workers. Diamond mining produces more than just diamond sales. It also funds many other activities such as construction, road-building, Arctic and sub-Arctic surveying and engineering projects.

Diamond fever in Canada’s north shows no signs of abating, and an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail in February 2004 reported that prospecting companies have laid claim to more than 70 million acres in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The newspaper said the most dramatic increase in diamond prospecting is in Nunavut, where the number of prospecting permits grew to 1,518 in 2004 from just 190 in 2003.

Starting on Dec. 1, 2003, companies were given one month to apply for prospecting permits, resulting in long, round-the-clock lines at offices in Yellowknife and Iqaluit. There is a charge of 10 cents an acre to register a claim, $1.50 to $2 an acre to stake a claim. With 70 million acres involved, the cost of these claims is expected to generate up to $140,000,000 in government revenue even before the mines open. Prospectors desperate to finish filing their claims have even been known to drop claim stakes from helicopters in poorly-accessible areas.

An economic boom is occurring in the north as tradesmen move into the area to fill jobs in the mines. This has raised the cost of living in the north, which was high to begin with due to the cost of transporting food and other necessities to isolated northern communities. In such places as Yellowknife, a basement apartment can rent for as high as $1,500 a month.

In 1998, Yellowknife Mayor Dave Lowell said that the diamond rush might have saved his town from economic decline. “Quite simply, it is our future,” Lowell said. “We’d be going into quite a recession if it wasn’t for the diamond mine.”

Where To Get Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes has slowly crept into the lives of almost eleven million Americans who have diabetes and are aware they have the illness, and up to seven million Americans who are not aware they have diabetes. Added to this glaring number of diabetes-stricken Americans are the millions more who are in the prediabetes stage.

People with diabetes have more chances of surviving the illness if they know how to manage diabetes and they have the financial means to support the medication and other supplies required by people with diabetes.

Getting Type 1 diabetes is usually dependent on you genes although it is not a very strong risk factor. Obesity and age are however risk factors in getting Type 2 diabetes. But no matter how old you are, if you are obese and have a history of gestational diabetes, have one or both parents with Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, then it is best to have yourself checked for diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is commonly found in children while Type 1.5 diabetes is the name given to diabetes found in adults. Adults with Type 1.5 diabetes is characterized by a slower attack on the beta cells compared to the vicious attack of beta cells in children with Type 1 diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, the bodys insulin cannot control its blood sugar levels.

There are several ways of testing for diabetes including the glucose test which measures the bloods glucose level and the oral glucose test. The glucose test is best done after at least 12 hours of fasting.

The main concern for people with diabetes is how to control the level of their blood glucose in such a way that they can lessen diabetes-related complications. Thus, monitoring of ones blood glucose level is always a must for people with diabetes. Controlling the blood glucose level means choosing the type of food you eat and taking the proper medication.

A person who wants to be in control of his diabetes should have all the necessary supplies on hand whether he stays in the house or he travels. A diabetic should always make sure that his insulin supply is not exposed to extreme changes in temperature. A diabetic is also more prone to foot problems so he should take care of his feet by using comfortable socks.

Other important supplies for diabetics include blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucose tablets and gels.

If you have diabetes, make sure that you have your supplies wherever you go. Also inform your housemates or officemates about the possible stores where they can buy these supplies in case you have an emergency. Always scout for stores that sell supplies for diabetics near your home or office or where you frequently go. And if you have to travel, make sure you carry more than enough because you never know what might happen. Also check if the places you will go to have some shops which sell the supplies you need.

Allergy Season Brings Trouble for Many

Allergy season is here, and that spells trouble for millions of Americans.

Allergy triggers, like oak, ash, alder, elm, poplar, sycamore, grasses, molds, mulberry, and ragweed, can cause anything from sneezing to watery eyes to fever.

Experts estimate that 20 percent of Americans suffer from allergies. And that number is even higher in certain regions of the country. For example, almost half of the population in the Southwest fights the allergy battle every year.

To help keep allergens out of the air in their homes, many people use special filters as part of their air conditioning system. But what about the millions of allergy sufferers using evaporative coolers instead of air conditioners?

Evaporative coolers, also referred to as “swamp coolers,” bring in outside air to cool the home, but most units have no built-in air filtration.

Coolers generally consist of a fan and damp pads. Units cool outside air by about 20 degrees by drawing the air through the wet pads and blowing it into the house. As opposed to air conditioners, which make circulating air drier, coolers slightly increase the humidity of the air.

Now, cooler owners can filter the air coming into their homes. CoolPad Plus is an evaporative cooler pad that provides both high-efficiency cooling and allergy relief. Coolpad Plus has a special layer of polyester to provide increased air filtration of pollen, mold spores, dust and ragweed. It is designed to help relieve allergy symptoms and also to keep the cooler and home cleaner.

Coolpad Plus removes up to 89 percent of pollen, dust and airborne particles. Eight out of 10 people say CoolPad Plus out- performs their previous cooler pad, and it lasts twice as long as competing brands to cool all season long. Rigid pad construction prevents sagging and hot air leaks. CoolPad Plus also contains a special wetting agent for faster cooling and has more than 190,000 water absorbing baffles per pad for better comfort.

Marjaraasana – For Sound Physical And Mental Health

Yoga today is all the rage. It is a subject that excites peoples curiosity and enjoys much popularity. This is especially so since the asanas (exercises) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) that owe their origins to ancient Indian wisdom have proved beneficial in promoting holistic health and mental peace as also in developing personality. In this article we will discuss Marjaraasana – the cat pose.

Process: Sit on your haunches with the knees and toes on the ground. Keep the palms on the floor in such a way that the distance between them is about the same as that between the shoulders, i.e. equal to the width of the back. Keep the distance between the palms and the knees about the same as that between the shoulders and the hips, i.e. equal to the length of the torso. The distance between the knees should be the same as the width of the waist. Turn the toes back so that the soles face upward. The distance between the soles should be the same as that between the knees. Relax the muscles in the trunk region and let the trunk descend under gravity. At the same time, let the neck and head curve backward as far as possible. Relax the stomach and close the eyes. Direct your attention to the entire body and practise conscious differential relaxation. Keep the mind engaged in pranadharana (consciousness of breath). This is the final posture of marjaraasana maintain it according to capacity.

An extension of the above posture can be attained in the following manner: staying in the final posture obtained above, open your eyes. Move the palms about 10-15 cms towards the knees. Curve the back upwards so that it shapes like an arch. Relax the neck and hang the head down. Draw the chin towards the chest and relax the abdomen, practice differential relaxation and then do prandharana. This is the final extension posture of marjaraasana- maintain it according to capacity.

Releasing the asana: Start by lowering the right leg by bending it at the knee, then rest the knee on the floor. Lower the head and make the back parallel to the ground, loosen it up and relax.

Benefits: The spine becomes flexible and supple; it helps to correct the functional defects of the back and spine. The health of the organs in the torso improves. You are relieved of backache and pain in the neck resulting from exertion. It also soothes the neck muscles and the lumbar region of the spine and invigorates the spinal nerves, improves blood circulation in the abdominal region thereby making digestive, respiratory and excretory processes. This asana is also useful in treating respiratory disorders.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautions before following any of the asanas from this article and the site. To avoid any problems while doing the asanas, it is advised that you consult a doctor and a yoga instructor. The responsibility lies solely with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Power, Pleasure, Pain: The Psychology Of S&M

For many years, the concept of being flogged, humiliated, and whipped has long been associated with punishment and suffering. To be demeaned in this manner was unacceptable for most people, creating a social stigma that stands to this day. The stigma is so strong that people who want to go through that sort of treatment willingly were seen as having had their mental health compromised. In some circles, it can also be considered a sign of poor sexual health. However, according to more recent findings, neither mental nor sexual health are compromised by a desire to be bound and dominated. The Sadism and Masochism (S&M) community are not a group of deviants with poor mental health, but simply one that has tastes that vary from the norm.

In some ways, it allows people to be able to better connect to a side of themselves that has been suppressed. For example, one woman who enjoyed choking her partner during orgasm had a childhood of suppressing emotions and feelings. She had grown up psychologically suppressing things like sexual desire and her own need for a meaningful relationship. While she had outgrown most of it by adulthood, she remained partially detached from the act of intercourse, leaving her to regard the activity as bland and unexciting. It was only when she discovered the psychological high she got from choking her partner that she started to enjoy sex. Her psychologist believes that the act of choking someone has helped her bridge the mental gap between her desires and her personality, allowing her to temporarily let go of her inhibitions.

Some psychologists have also come to believe that S&M may also be connected to stress relief and escapism. In general, members of the S&M community engage in role-playing during sessions, with a person who usually appears as a timid librarian being a foul-mouthed, whip-toting dominatrix in her basement. This role-playing temporarily grants them a reprieve from the nature of their lives, giving them a much needed escape from the stress and anxiety of the modern world. The nature of the activity makes it such that the people involved focus only on each other and the raw physical sensations of the acts, allowing them a short amount of time to get away from whatever it is they feel a need to get away from. While this may not explain the reasons for the entire S&M community, it may explain some of the motivations behind this behavior.

It should be noted that the S&M community is a separate group from people who have sexual sadism. The core difference is that S&M practitioners are perfectly sane individuals who simply enjoy playing roles that they would not be expected to in their everyday lives. Activities for them are consensual and there is a complex web of unspoken rituals and unwritten rules that prevent either participant from inflicting permanent or serious harm upon one another. In contrast, sexual sadism is often non-consensual and, by the very nature of the activities, is designed to inflict as much harm as possible for as long as possible. There are some circles that believe sexual sadists are the reason why the S&M community normally shuns the terms sadist and masochist, preferring to avoid the negative psychological connotation.

One benefit that accepting S&M as a part of someone’s private life has had is an enhancement of one’s sex life. People who have come to accept it and have found partners who welcome it have reported that their sex lives have improved, as well as their emotional connection to one another. They report that there is a deeper sense of connection and understanding, likely due to the openness needed for both partners to accept such unusual tastes.

When you get Sick and have Gestational Diabetes

Aside from the morning sickness that many women suffer from in the first 12 weeks of
pregnancy, you may catch a cold or the flu before your baby is born. In of itself, this
isnt a fun experience but when you have gestational diabetes and are on insulin it is very
important that you take extra good care of yourself.

It is important to remember that no matter how you are feeling, you need to take your
insulin. Your body relies on the external source of insulin and needs it to keep
functioning properly. But what do you do if you have the flu and are vomiting or dont
have any appetite to eat. As a short term solution, take your insulin and drink a soda that
is not diet (you want the sugar in this case). If you are able to, nibble on crackers or dry
toast. All the while, you need to keep a very close eye on your glucose levels with your

You need to balance the insulin you are taking and the food you are consuming so your
blood sugar levels do not drop. If you are unsure of what to do, contact your doctor. A
better plan is to have this discussion with your doctor before you get sick. Your health
care provider will give you guidelines to follow when you become ill and when you
should contact the office or go to the hospital if things are progressively getting worse.

Getting sick is never fun but being pregnant and sick isnt just about you. You have to
still take care of your baby and yourself. Be aware that when you are sick, your blood
sugars may not act as they normally do, test more often to keep track of what the results